12v LED Garden Lights

Have you seen the lite

Not for half of the time anyway. Because half of the time we live in the dark and we do not see our gardens. Light in the garden makes sitting in the garden on summer evenings more enjoyable. Light allows you to see your garden the whole year round from indoors. It not only gives you a safe feeling, it also draws the garden into the house. Finally, light is, of course, also functional. It helps you to park your car on the right drive, lights your way to the front door and shows you where the keyhole is.

Step-by-step outdoor lighting from in-lite design on Vimeo.


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1 The transformer

The transformer is the motor for the in-lite system: it manages the lighting and provides power to the system. The transformer must have sufficient capacity. In other words, the total capacity (watt) of all fixtures in your lighting plan cannot be higher than 90% of the transformer's capacity. For example, the maximum load for a 56 watt transformer should be 50 watts.

2 The 12 volt cable

The low-voltage cable transports power and lights up the fixtures. Always create a cable plan before starting installation activities.

Please note!
in-lite uses high quality cables for its 12 volt system. It is important to prevent power losses (voltage drop) over long distances and to make sure the cable can withstand external influences. The guarantee will expire if you connect in-lite fixtures to cables by another manufacturer.

 3 The Easy-Lock

The Easy-Lock makes it easy to connect fixtures to the 12 volt cable. The Easy-Lock is an important part of our system. Effective contact with the cable guarantees effective conduction of power and thus perfect light output.

Clamp the cable in the appropriate duct
Our Easy-Lock is perfectly compatible with the 12 volt cable and a special gel protects the connection against moisture and other external influences. Always clamp the cable into the appropriate duct: the narrow opening is for the 14/2 cable and the new 10/2 cable, while the wider opening is for the thicker 10/2 cable. Always check whether the cap has been properly placed on the Easy-Lock.

4 The mini-connector

The mini-connector connects the fixture to the Easy-Lock. A flexible PVC casing protects the connection against moisture and dirt. The mini-connector makes it possible to easily pass the cable of the fixture through a hole in tiles or walls.

5 The fixture

The last step in the installation process involves placing the fixtures in the correct place. in-lite can offer you ground spots (Integrated), upright lamps (Solitary), wall lights (Wall) and outdoor spotlights (Spot). When constructing our fixtures, the external conditions encountered in gardens are taken into account wherever possible. The videos show you exactly how to install fixtures from our various product groups. Always follow the instructions when connecting fixtures.

6 Extension cable
The standard cable on our fixtures is around 60 cm long (differing cable lengths have been mentioned next to the product on the website). You can use an extension cable if you want to place fixtures further away from the main cable or want to install them at a height. This can be placed between the mini-connectors of the fixture and the Easy-Lock.

7 Creating junctions (split cable plan)
The cable can also be split using cable connectors (CC-2), which make it easier to access the various fixtures. The same maximum cable distances apply once again (calculated between transformer and end of cable).

Cable length for fixtures
Our fixtures have a standard cable length of around 60 cm (differing cable lengths have been mentioned next to the product on the website). An extension cable can be used to install a fixture further away from the main cable. This is useful when installing high fixtures or integrating Ø22 mm ground spots into a patio (otherwise the Easy-Lock cannot be reached).