Classic Composite Deck Board

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    Rinato Classic is our solid core composite decking board for all applications including commercial and public installations. It is easy to handle and easy to fit. It is extremely easy to cut and sand and is available in 3 natural colours with edge trims to match. Rinato Classic is designed for heavy duty use and is reversible with both ribbed and woodgrain finishes.

        Installation Guide

    • Material: 60% wood flour (FSC certified), 40% HDPE
    • Board Length: 3600mm (1.85 boards per square metre)
    • Board thickness: 25mm
    • Board width: 150mm
    • Warranty: 25 years
    • Temperature range: -30C to 55C
    • Weight: 8.4kg per linear metre (+/- 0.05%)
    • Maximum span: 400mm centres
    • Fixings: hidden edge fixings only

      Mechanical Property

      Test Method


      Tensile strength ASTM D638-2010 22.4J/M
      Flexural strength ASTM D6109-2010 44.4MPA
      Impact ASTM D638-2010 50kj/m2
      Water absorption ASTM D1037 0.19%
      Coefficient of expansion Across length 0.08mm/m/°C
      Specific gravity   1.18 +/-0.05
      Grooved side slip potential BS 7976-2 Dry: Low
      Wet: Moderate
      Embossed side slip potential BS 7976-2 Dry: Low
      Wet: Moderate
      Scratch resistance* Should not be considered as scratch resistant  
      Stain resistance** Should not be considered as stain resistant  
      Colour stability*** Some colour change can be expected  
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