Deck-it Board Joiner Pack of 10

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Used for joining 2 boards together, negating the need to join over a joist.
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    This is our specially designed board joining system which has been made to be used with our Deck-it range of uPVC boards.

    For many years we have been fitting deck boards in 16 feet lengths because that is what was available from your decking suppliers. Yet for the same period of time we have been fitting laminate flooring in a much friendlier 4 foot length. So why the difference? The issue has been that decking is normally fixed over a timber or metal sub frame possibly raised several feet off the ground and short lengths of decking would have to be joined over a joist which meant more work, more waste and possibly more material for extra joists.

    No more- Deck-it is a unique new deck flooring material from industry leading company Deck Supermarket. Based around a well proven principle Deck-it is made as a hollow I-beam tongue and groove construction making it exceptionally strong whilst keeping the weight as light as possible. This coupled with an extremely strong joiner piece allows Deck-it to be fitted in either 1100mm or 2400mm lengths and virtually eliminates waste.

    Fixing starts with a starter strip, which is screwed to the substrate, the first board is then screwed into place with the fixings provided, a joiner is then added to continue the run. When you get to the end of the run simply cut the board to length and use the off cut to start the next row. Because Deck-it is tongue and groove construction it fully supports the joint eliminating the need to join over a joist. We just recommend that each piece of board has at least 2 joints supporting it.

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