Galvanised Steel Fencing

We are pleased to introduce to you a new range of railings. These will compliment the front of any home or building.

Linear has been designed as a modular railing system, with the ease of installation in mind. The system allows the construction of long runs of railings, quickly and easily, in high quality, galvanised steel.

The linear range is designed to be cost-effective, and competitively priced, so that you can spend your time on site installing rather then designing and manufacturing.

The linear range also provides a simple solution to coping with corners and the ends of runs. Simply cut a panel to the size required, and then fix using our special kit (3602KIT2)

We hope the Linear range provides you, our customer, with a useful and practical railing system that can win your new business.

Whatever your fencing needs, our ready-to-install fencing panels provide you with flexibility of choice and easy, trouble free installation. To help decide how much ready-to-install fencing you’ll require, we’ve prepared a user friendly calculation guide:


To calculate how many LINEAR panels and posts are required:

  1. 1  Take the number of metres required, and round up to the nearest even number. ie. 81 becomes 82 metres.

  2. 2  Divide 82 by 2 = 41 panels required.

  3. 3  Posts. Take 41, and add 1 post to finish off the run = 42 posts.

  4. 4  Select the type of post: Bolt Down (Art 3603BP12) or Concrete-In (3603CP12).

    Fixings, to join panels to posts, are included.

  5. 5  Decide if you want to use support feet in the installation = 41 x 3603KIT4. Fixings are included, to secure the feet to horizontal rail.

  6. 6  Count the number of corners and add the same number of 3603KIT2 to the order.

  7. 7  You are now ready for installation!