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    56 Watt transformer with manual on/off, motion detector and timer features. Usable outdoors. UK molded plug fitted.


    Dimensions 185 x 125 x 85 mm (7.3 x 4.9 x 3.3 inches)
    Installation Mount the transformer vertically, at least 50 centimetres (20 inches) above the ground and in the direct vicinity of a 240 Volt socket. Mounting material included

    Plug & Play

    You do not need technical knowledge to install in-lite garden lighting. The principle is simple and the system is quick to install and easy to alter. With the special Easy-Lock system, you connect the fixtures to the low-voltage cable with a twist of the hand. They are controlled from a single location (the transformer) and can, if required, be regulated so that they switch on and off automatically. Fixtures with different lamps can, furthermore, be connected in any order on the same cable.

    12 Volt low voltage

    The low-voltage cable (12 Volt) runs from the transformer which is connected to the mains. This cable can stop anywhere you like and does not have to form a closed system. You can conceal the cables directly under the paving or simply cover them with earth in the borders. The low-voltage cables are absolutely safe, even if they become damaged. They do not, therefore, have to be buried deep below ground like mains cables. This is a reassuring thought, particularly in consideration of children and pets.

    Quick to install

    On average, it only takes twenty minutes to install a basic system with one or more fixtures*. If you have a lighting plan, simply roll out the cable and connect the fixtures at the selected locations. Areas can be added to the system simply by splitting and connecting the cables. This is handy if you do not yet know exactly what you want, but would like to make a start with your outdoor lighting.

    * Excluding construction activities such as drilling and sawing

    Self or professional installation?

    Should you decide to install the lighting yourself, it is important for you to first prepare a lighting plan after which you determine which system components you will need. Would you like a specialist to install your lighting? Our dealers can refer you to a professional landscapers.

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