Creative Decking Ideas

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There are many reasons to create a decking space in your back garden. Whether you're looking for a place to relax, a space to entertain your guests, or if you simply enjoy taking on DIY projects in your home. 

We've gathered some inspirational ideas to help you with your next garden project.

Decking Spaces for Entertaining

Include lighting into your deck

Incorporating lighting into your decking can make all the difference if you're going to be spending your evenings outside. Building LED lights into steps, or lining the edge of your decking can help with safety but is also incredibly pleasing to the eye. 


Create Shelter from the weather

While the forecast may promise warmth and sunshine, we can never be too sure in our lovely country, which is why adding shelter to your decking can be ideal if the weather takes a turn. A simple pergola could offer light coverage, however if you're preparing for a little harsher weather, a sturdy gazebo can offer much more warmth and coverage.

Add a hot tub

The ultimate party piece for your back garden is, without question, a hot tub. Perfect for quality time with your significant other, or for spending time with your friends and family. Hot tubs require a lot of maintenance, so if you're looking to install one into your deck, take great care and ensure you're prepared to run the correct maintenance and up-keep.


Decking Spaces for Families

Incorporate games into the deck

Sunken trampolines are becoming very popular when renovating garden space. Build other children's activities into your decking for endless summer fun, such as sandpits and paddling pools.


Create a hide-out under raised decking

Creating a "hide-out" under raised decking can be the perfect entertainment for younger children. Adding blankets and pillows can create the perfect environment for precious family time. When the novelty wares off after the children are a little older, the space can be transformed into something for yourself. 


Add decking round a pool

If you already have a pool in your back garden, whether it be raised or in the ground, creating decking space around it can offer extra space to relax and dry off. Creating a walkway from the pool can create a safe space for children running in and out of the house.


Nature inspired decking

Build deck around a tree

Tying together your decking with trees already planted in your garden is the perfect way to bring the decking further into your yard, maximizing the use of space. Before delving into a project like this, it is important to consider the age of the trees and if they'll grow anymore.


Create a deck deeper into your garden

There's no rule to say decking has to be attached to your house. Why not create a remote, peaceful relaxation area deeper into your garden, bringing you closer to nature and a little further away from busy day-to-day life.


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