Insulation Kits

Caravan underfloor insulation is an upgrade that is a worthy investment especially for older models that do not have pre-installed insulation. Heating a static caravan or lodge can be very expensive, especially through the colder months so underfloor insulation is vital if you want to save money on heating bills.

But how does insulating a caravan work? Well the materials used reflect the heat lost from the floor, enabling your static caravan to hold in the heat for longer as well as preventing cold air from penetrating through the floor. As a secondary benefit, the underfloor insulation will even deter rodents and more importantly prevent moisture from penetrating through the floor.

The stock the Performance Multifoil Insulation blanket we stock is the highest-rated in Europe and contains multiple layers of foil, foam and wadding in order to create a reflective thermal insulation barrier. The unique layers allow for maximum performance insulation whilst taking up less space and can also be used for roofs and walls too.

Paired with skirting that reduces wind under the caravan, underfloor insulation makes for a warmer and more energy efficient caravan that is protected significantly from mother nature.

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