Glass Clamps, Fixings & Stiffeners

The most popular method for providing a glazed balustrade, while at the same time keeping the outlook open and views beyond, visible.  Glass Clamps are simple to install and are offered in either a square or radiused option, providing a glazed system between uprights.  Compatible with 8 to 12mm thick glass, clamps can be used over any length of installation as well as slopes and staircases, if just using 2 clamps fastened to a post either side to hold the glass we recommend 1100mm as the maximum width over this it is advisable to add 2 extra clamps to the bottom to support the glass panels and to avoid the panels slipping.

We recommend cleaning the rubbers used in the clamps before installing as they come from the manufacturer coated in the release agent from the mould, failing to do this could result in the glass slipping.

Glass Stiffeners

A slimmer frameless panel support system to suit 10-21.5mm glass. Supplied with rubbers.