in-lite Spot Lights

Beautiful, tall trees are often the showpiece of any yard – all year round! In the spring, bright green leaves once again fill the branches, reaching their peak in the summer. By the time fall comes around, the foliage turns so many wonderful colors that you almost forget the approaching cold of winter. With a bit of luck, the yard is transformed into a dazzling winter wonderland at the end of the year.

At in-lite, we fully understand that you want to enjoy the magic of nature and spotlight its showpiece as much as possible, whether during the daytime or after dark, regardless of the season. But how can you make sure that your beloved tree is illuminated properly? It’s easy! In this blog, we explain the different types of spotlights that are available, when accessories can be added and the right solution for every type of surface. From low trees to towering trees, whether surrounded by plants or grass, in-lite always has the perfect solution.


One thing is clear: a tree is always illuminated with spotlights. So the question is then, which spotlights do you need for this? in-lite has GROUND LIGHTS that are installed in the surface, OUTDOOR SPOTLIGHTS that are directional and ACCESSORIES that ensure that the spotlights extend above the vegetation for perfect illumination. What do all of these outdoor lights have in common? They all provide the right type and amount of light to illuminate – accentuate – your beautiful, tall tree. Accent lighting in designed to emphasize large or tall elements in an outdoor space. The advantage of accent lighting fixtures is that they provide both considerable light distribution as well as a targeted beam of light.


Is the surface around the tree covered in grass, stone, wood or gravel? In other words, is it flat? An in-lite ground light is the best option here. Which ground light is most suitable is determined by the height and width of the tree (see the tables for the height and width of the light output).

The NERO fixtures are designed for illuminating tall and wide trees. These ground lights add a touch of elegance and can be easily installed in a flat surface!  The height and width of the light output determines which model is most suitable for your tree:

The BIG NERO and BIG NERO NARROW are equipped with in-lite motion. This means that the light source can be tilted without the fixture itself being disassembled. A magnet is used to adjust the light source to the desired position.


Is the tree surrounded by bushes or plants? No problem! No matter how tall or wide the vegetation is, in-lite has the perfect solution. The SCOPE fixtures and professional in-lite accessories mean that we always have a lighting solution for any situation.

The advantage of the SCOPE fixtures is that they are perfect for illuminating tall and wide trees from above the ground. Keep in mind that the height and width of the tree are what determines the type of fixture that is most suitable for your tree:

Plants and bushes can sometimes grow so tall that they block the lighting. You can prune or relocate the plants, of course, but in-lite has developed the RISER and BRACE accessories especially for the SCOPE fixtures. These let you easily add height to the spotlight and ensure that the light source extends completely above the vegetation.




Do you have a nice sitting area next to or under the tree? And want to enjoy this area both during the daytime and at night? Use the in-lite BRACE with BAND, an accessory that lets you install the lighting high up in the tree, so that the light will not glare. Enjoy perfect lighting after dark when relaxing with friends or family!  

TIP The band cut be cut to any size, which means that the BRACE fits perfectly around any tree!