Marano Aluminium Fencing

As awareness has grown of the advantages to using aluminium in the construction of gates and railings, so has our range of extrusions. Marano Integrated offers long lasting, lightweight aluminium boards with total flexibility.

This fencing solution can provide either complete privacy or boards with 25mm gaps between them. Multiple spacers can be used to create larger spaces between boards ie 50/75/100mm. 

The range of contemporary laser cut screens can be incorporated in with Marano Integrated in several ways. The full height 1825mm screens can be used in conjunction with Parallel 50, Parallel 100, Half Round and Connect 150 systems. Whereas the 300mm high laser cut screens can be discreetly integrated with the Connect 150 system using the screen fixings kits.

Post centres are designed to be 1860mm when using the full range of boards. The boards can be cut down to suit smaller post centres, if finishing a run of fencing. These kits will also hold other 5mm thick material in there such as glass, meshes and any material 5mm thick.