in-lite SMART products


More and more smart products can be operated remotely using such popular smart home systems as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit. These systems let you easily operate all devices in your home. 


With the latest in-lite functionalities, you can always remotely control your garden lights, via commands, a motion sensor or the in-lite app. You can turn the lights on or off, dim the light and even adjust the colour on SMART TONE fixtures.



Our smart fixtures let you easily dim the light in your garden. This lets you create the right ambiance for any occasion.


  • Wireless and easy to operate using the app
  • Easy to dim with the dim slider
  • Individually dimmable


Set your smart fixtures to any desired colour or select one of the standard colours. The in-lite SMART TONE fixtures make it possible to add coloured lighting to any garden. Coloured light lets you add a personal dimension to any outdoor space illuminated with in-lite

  • All colours possible
  • Easy to operate with a colour circle
  • Easy to set to the unique in-lite warm white