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illuminating decks, lounge areas and pergolas 

Outside is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and great food. A beautiful deck, a nice patio area or a usable dining space with an outdoor kitchen are now must haves. And with a covered space, you can enjoy the outdoors late into the evening and even in the spring and autumn. With the proper lighting you can of course do this.

lighting  the overhang

Various types of lighting are available for overhangs and ceilings. The MINI SCOPE CEILING outdoor spotlight/wall light allows you to direct focused light into the corners of the overhang to illuminate your lounge area. But you can also choose to install wall lights such as the BLINK or ACE DOWN to shine light downward.

Deck or Patio

A deck or patio where you eat and/or a lounge area plays an important role in your garden because you will often spend most of the time here. Accentuate your deck or patio with our integrated ground lights. You can install small spotlights such as the FUSION 22 in a straight or even playful line, or you can choose to integrate the slightly larger FUSION spotlights in the corners of your deck. These spotlights give off a subtle glow which is not blinding when you are sitting outdoors. And they are also easy to install between your paving or, for example in gravel using the BOX 100 accessory.

let outdoor lighting give your trees, borders and shrubs the attention they deserve in the evening too

Your garden, deck, courtyard or roof garden only really comes to life when there are enough planted areas. Plants have a positive effect on the surroundings. They are beautiful, good for our climate and provide natural drainage in your garden. So give them the attention they deserve in the evening too by adding outdoor lighting. We offer the following suggestions for your trees, borders and shrubs.

trees & spotlights

Trees come in many different shapes and sizes. Our extensive range of ground lights and spotlights allows us to offer innovative solutions for the trees in your outdoor space. Do you have narrow trees? Then choose a spotlight with a focused beam of light such as the NERO or SCOPE. Do you have a somewhat broader tree? Then choose a spotlight that provides a wide light beam such as the BIG SCOPE. If you have a very tall tree, you can opt for the BIG NERO. This robust ground light has a 10 meter range. For the best effect, install 3 spotlights around the tree. This illuminates the crown of a tree evenly.

playful borders

Create moving shadows and unique contrast in your border or planter by using several lighting directions. You can illuminate shrubs or ornamental grasses in your border from below with, for example, the MINI SCOPE or you can choose to install bollards such as the LIV to provide multi-directional ambient lighting. If your planter or border is near a fence or wall, you could also illuminate it from above using wall fixtures such as the ACE DOWN or outdoor spotlights such as the MINI SCOPE. Always consider the light balance in the garden when creating your lighting plan.

illuminate fences and outdoor walls

Outdoor walls are usually installed to create privacy. But besides being functional, dividers, fences or walls can also be beautiful. Outdoor lighting makes it a unique outdoor feature that creates a special ambiance, especially in the evening. Turn your outdoor wall into a wall of light!


Fencing & Walls

Do you prefer functional fencing or an outdoor wall? By installing wall lights on an outdoor wall just above ground level, you can highlight an adjacent path through the garden or around your property. This creates a beautifully lit outdoor wall, but also ensures you can walk safely through the garden in the evening. The CubidBLINK or WEDGE could, for example, could be used.

inviting outdoor wall

Is there a lounger, sofa or dining area near the fence or outdoor wall? Install wall lights high on the wall to accentuate this. If you like sleek architectural lighting, choose fixtures such as Evo Down . If you prefer round fixtures to create softer mood lighting, then choose something like the BLINK.

outdoor walls in the spotlight

Did you know that the MINI SCOPE can also be mounted on a fence or wall? This small spotlight comes delivered as standard with a wall bracket and is therefore ideal for mounting on fencing and walls. Think, for example, of highlighting a bench or lounger.

We hope this article helps you to see what can be achieved with a little imagination and in-lite products, there really is no reason why you outdoor space cannot be used for entertaining long into the evenings.

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