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ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V

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     The ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V wall-mounted fixture can only be connected to a 100 to 230V power supply. This makes it suitable for use on the outdoor wall of a home, garage or shed. The two LED light sources direct a light beam upwards and downwards. The ACE UP-DOWN 100-230V is available in four colors: Rosé Silver, Dark Gray, White & Corten.


    • Dimensions: 103x100x100mm (lxwxh)
    • Material: Aluminium casing and polycarbonate lens
    • Color: White, Corten, Siver, Dark
    • Light source: LED
    • Lighting intensity: Large
    • Voltage: 100V - 240V
    • Capacity: 8,5W
    • Illumination angle: 66º
    • Light reach: 3,5 m (11,5 ft)



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