Deck Cleaner Concentrate

Deck Cleaner Concentrate

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    Best Deck Cleaner Concentrate 

    The DeckMAX Deck Cleaner is the only Professional Grade Deck Cleaner Concentrate that’s chosen by customers, manufacturers, and contractors alike!  When something works… you know it!  So skip the homemade deck cleaner and the toxic chemical formulas and choose the Best Deck Cleaner Concentrate product with DeckMAX.

    For heavily soiled decks, we recommend the DeckMAX Deck Cleaner Concentrate before applying the E2 PVC Deck Revitalizer. The Professional Grade Cleaner Concentrate is industrial strength and comes in a concentrated formula that makes up to 13.6-22.7 Litres of cleaner.  This highly concentrated cleaner MAKES ENOUGH PRODUCT TO CLEAN UP TO 186 square meters. It offers superior performance on all deck types including PVC (vinyl), wood-based composites, and wood decks. The Cleaner is so versatile it can also be used for many areas around your home including vinyl, metal, aluminum, flagstones, pavers, etc.

    • Excellent for Heavily Soiled Areas
    • Works on PVC, Composite, Wood and Metals
    • Use on Fences, Flagstone, and Pavers
    • Superior Mold and Mildew Remover
    • Eliminates Oxidation
    • Easy to Use
    • Eco-Friendly Deck Cleaning Product
    • 1.92L
    • Will not restore the color.  Use as needed before applying the E2 PVC Deck Revitilizer.

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