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Nature enhanced

Any outdoor space can be transformed with the addition of real wood, whether in the form of decking, panelling or furniture. But the beauty of natural wood quickly fades without regular maintenance, becomes slippery when wet, and is susceptible to rotting and staining.

Millboard delivers the beauty of natural timber without the downsides.

Moulded from selected timbers, chosen for their distinctive appeal, and hand-coloured in authentic tones, Millboard looks just like real wood but doesn’t rot, retains high slip-resistance even when wet, and requires no maintenance other than a simple wipe clean.

Produced with passion and built to last

The world’s finest wood-free composite, Millboard is made from a unique polyurethane resin blend, with a resilient Lastane® surface layer. It’s the Lastane® surface that ensures that it’s anti-slip even when wet – in fact, we’re proud to say that it has the highest anti-slip properties available.

It’s also designed to withstand whatever the elements or everyday use may throw at it. Where timber, wood stain and varnish will fade over time, Millboard is highly resistant to UV light, and the non-porous material also resists moisture, stains, mould, algae and impact. And it won’t put splinters into delicate feet or paws.

Hassle-free outdoor space

Millboard is the perfect choice for every type of space: big or small, residential or commercial. As well as the peace of mind of ultra-low maintenance, its unique design also means that Millboard can be quicker and simpler to install than timber, with no pre-drilling or special tools needed – simply cut it like wood and screw straight through.

What’s more, although its appearance is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, you’ll never need to stain it or worry about replacing warped or rotten timber, which means that you can really enjoy living life outside to the full.

And because Millboard is made in the UK using a low energy process system, and only moulded from reclaimed natural timber, you can also feel good knowing that its carbon footprint is low and it’s kinder to the forests than real-wood decking.

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