Artificial Grass

Artificial grass

Improve the appearance of your garden with synthetic grass! Now you can impress your friends with a lawn that is green and lush all year round thanks to new generation plastic grass that looks real. Family life is enhanced with an artificial lawn because children can play in the garden without getting dirty, ball games will not damage the lawn and dogs will not bring muddy paw prints into the house. It is so clean and durable that many families buy artificial grass for dogs, children or sports but there are many additional benefits.

Gardeners often remark that keeping a perfect lawn is a time consuming challenge. With synthetic grass (sometimes called astro turf) there is no need to mow, weed or seed your lawn. You can simply relax and enjoy a low maintenance garden without the effort. If you pay a gardener to maintain your lawn you will make a cost saving after only a few years. Synthetic lawns also help the environment by saving water, which is in contrast to natural turf which needs watering on hot days to keep lush and avoid brown patches.

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