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  • Product Description

    The BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC has been specially developed to create unique lighting effects for pergolas, wide recesses or passageways.

    • Produces a wide strip of light
    • Designed for illuminating walls and pergolas
    • Drive-over

    The BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC produces two different lighting effects with its asymmetric lens. One of the lighting effects is like a wide fan, which has a light angle of 65 degrees and light distribution of 6 meters. However, when the fixture is turned 90 degrees, a narrow strip is created which has a light angle of 18 degrees and light distribution of 6 meters high. This means the fixture creates unique lighting effects for pergolas, wide recesses or passageways. The BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC can also be perfectly combined with the SPIKE accessory. This ground pin makes it easy to install the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC in loose surfaces like soil, gravel or lawn.

    This fixture is a combination of BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC and RING 68 STAINLESS STEEL. RING 68 STAINLESS STEEL is made of high-quality anodized aluminum.

    This product is multi-component and the components are packaged separately.

    Important: the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC can be installed in the BOX-100 accessory. The BIG FLUX NARROW is suitable for use in accessory BOX 1.


    Product Details

    Product Details
    Color Stainless Steel


    Height mm 64
    Height inch 2.52
    Mounting depth mm 70
    Mounting depth inch 2.76
    Diameter mm 68
    Diameter Inch 2.68
    Mounting diameter mm 60
    Housing Polycarbonate
    Ring/Cover plate Aluminum
    Voltage 12 volt
    Power 3W
    Electric potential 4.2VA
    Light source LED
    Burning time 25000
    Lighting direction Upwards
    Lighting reach m 6
    Lighting reach ft 19.69
    Color temperature 3100
    CRI 93
    Net Luminous Flux 258lm
    Luminous Efficacy 86lm/W
    IP-class 68
    Energy label A++
    Application Hedge, House, Tree
    Processing Concrete, Grass, Wood
    Features Drive-over
    Installation instructions This ground light is installed inside a hole in wood (using a wood drill) or stone (using a water-cooled diamond drill) with a diameter of 60 mm. An in-lite dealer or gardener can do this for you. Important: this fixture must be installed in a straight drill hole of the right size to ensure that it fits snugly without damaging the casing of the ground light. The BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC features a stainless steel cup. The cup is a stainless steel ring with spring-loaded edges, which means the spotlight can be installed easily and voltage-free. The spotlight and cup are simply pushed inside the hole. No hammer needed. The cup’s spring-loaded edges make sure the spotlight is always installed snugly. The spotlight can also be removed easily without damage. The cup accompanies the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC as standard and is not available separately. If you want to install the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC in loose surfaces like soil, gravel or lawn, this is possible using the SPIKE accessory. Place the BIG FLUX ASYMMETRIC inside the SPIKE and then insert into the ground.

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