Super Rail Caravan Skirting 3 Board Kit (up to 40' x 16' x 2'High)

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    Manufactured fom Virgin Polymers it is available in all our balustrade and decking colours and boasts the following features and will fit homes up to 40ft x 16ft x 2ft high (12mtr x 4.8mtr x 610mm high).

    • 2.4 metre Skirting Planks - Strongest in industry with more internal bracing than any competitors product
    • Post mounting brackets - for a more secure professional finish
    • Easy Fit System - Designed for the Diy'er or the Trade Professional
    • Hides underside  - stops blown debris from accumulating under home
    •  Store goods safely and securely and give access to services when required
    • Samples for colour matching available.
    Installation Guide

      We provide posts and pickets at 610mm in length, they can be trimmed to size/height as required. Our posts are pre routed with holes to take the fascia board and are spaced 40mm gap between each board, the boards slide in to hide the join and can be secured with a screw from behind if required. We also provide the lengths of picket so that they can be secured to the fascia boards from behind to keep everything inline. So it’s as simple as setting out your posts with equal spacing, fixing them in place one by one using the supplied "L" brackets and slotting in the boards as you work around the home. 


       Each kit contains the following

      •  42 x Fascia Board 2400mm x 25mm x 150mm
      • 4   x Routed Corner Post 610mm x 53mm x 67mm
      • 10 x Routed Through Post 610mm x 53mm x 67mm
      • 14 x Post "L" Bracket
      • 14 x 610mm Picket

        The Super Rail 3 Board Ranch style Caravan/Holiday Home Skirting kit from Deck Supermarket has been designed following 15 years experience by our own fitting teams.

        Palletised Delivery Details

        Pre-Routed Corner and Line Posts- Just trim to required length



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