CABLE CBL-40 10/2 40MTRS

CABLE CBL-40 10/2 40MTRS

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    Low-voltage 10/2 12 volt 2-conductor cable.

    • 40-meter 12 V cable
    • Maximum cable length of 80 meters between fixture and transformer
    • Can be installed directly under a layer or soil or paving

    Low-voltage 10/2 12 volt 2-conductor cable. Delivered as a 40-meter bundle, complete with cable lugs and insulation sleeves. Maximum capacity of 250 watts, maximum cable length (linear) of 80 meters.

    Note: Do you want to connect this cable to the HUB-50 or HUB-100 transformer? Cut off the cable lugs completely and strip the cable as described in the manual of the transformer.

    • Art. nr. 10600210
    • EAN 8717051004032
    • Length mm 40000
    • Length inch 1574.8

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