Deck Frame Corner Bracket Kit

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    Deck Frame Metalwork Kit 

    Kit consists of sufficient materials to construct a deck frame as pictured below (Excluding timber)

    deck frame on supports

    Construction should be made using 6" x 2" (150mm x 38mm) Timber starting with the four corner pieces as shown in the picture below.

    Metal corner frame bracket

    Once the frames are built the post can be connected as shown in the picture below, the wedge is used to obtain the correct angle for the post to sit at.

    deck frame metal bracket with post attached


    Kit contents

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     Heavy duty Galvanised Steel Corner Brackets

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    10mm x 100mm Hex head coach screws (For fixing posts to brackets)

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    4.5 mm x 40mm BZP pozi drive screws (Fixing brackets to timber)


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