EcoPro Hot Tub Insulation Kit

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    Many Hot Tubs arrive completely uninsulated, which makes them extremely energy inefficient. This is why Ecohome Insulation have created an EcoPro Hot Tub Insulation Kit, to address the inefficiency. To put it simply, if your hot tub is uninsulated you are paying more than someone who has an insulated hot tub, to obtain the same desired temperature.

    So, how does the Hot Tub Insulation Kit work? 

    By Insulating your Hot Tub – you are making it more energy efficient. When the kit has been installed, it will reflect heat back in to the hot tub and reflect any cold away. This means less energy will be required to maintain the desired temperature.

    What’s Included in the EcoPro Hot Tub Insulation Kit?

    • The EcoPro Multifoil Insulation – 1.2 x 10m

    This is a high performing multifoil insulation blanket and is made up of 6 Highly reflective layers. The material compresses to under 10mm in thickness, so you can easily install this behind the panels.

    • True Aluminium Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m

    You use the True Aluminium Foil Joining Tape (included in the kit) to Tape and Seal. Once the multifoil insulation has been taped and sealed you prevent cold air entering and warm air from escaping.

    • 10″ Heavy Duty Scissors
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