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    The Deck Supermarket Disposable Barbecue Pro-Stand is simple and safe to use, mounted in seconds, great to store and using disposable BBQ’s no mess – you cant live without one if you have a decking at home or at your holiday home. Mounted off the ground at an adjustable height it is much safer way to enjoy food cooked on a disposable BBQ..

    Fits most railings and Balustrades

    It is designed to be compatible for usage with or on PVC / metal / Wood or glass balcony rails. It just slips over the rail and once secured into place using the two adjusters you SIMPLY place your chosen disposable BBQ on the raided stand and away you go. The base is lifted enabling air to circulate to help the disposable BBQ burn more efficiently.

    Size Length 605mm x Width 375mm x Depth 180mm (internal) and will fit handrails up to 88mm across

    Choose an additional wide rail fixing for wider rails

    Robust & Well made

    Manufactured from riveted galvanised steel this unit is very robust and weather resistant. We do advise it is stored away after use and the design allows quick and easy removal.


    After use we leave the disposables to go cold (normally overnight) before discarding, as the Disposable Barbecue Pro-Stand just slips on the rail and is off the ground it keeps most unwanted visitors (creature’s) at bay. Then you can just pick it up and store under the caravan / holiday home, in the garage or if you prefer just leave it in situ, the choices are many.

    * This product is not intended or appropriate for use in high rise/apartment blocks or similar settings with external balconies. There may be combustible materials used on or in the building which could lead to a fire/injury/death.


    Operating Instructions

     Click Here to view Hook N Cook instructions 

    I can promise you not only will you have great fun when using the Disposable Barbecue Pro-Stand you’ll love the simplicity and safety of the product. Enjoy.

    1) This stand is intended for use with disposable BBQS ONLY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD LOOSE CHARCOAL/LUMPWOOD BE USED.

    2) Make sure the stand is securely placed in a horizontal level position on your decking/balcony rail before placing disposable BBQ on it. Do this by placing the BBQ stand mounting plate on the rail, slide in the spacer bar between the back of the BBQ Stand and the surface directly behind it. Locate the spacer bar on the two nylon adjusters and tighten until the mounting plate is vertical, you can now clip the Pro-Stand onto the mounting plate in one of the two positions available.

    3) Place disposable BBQs on the corrogated base on the BBQ stand so that the disposable barbecue is NOT in direct contact with the galvanised metal. Ensure there is space around the disposables and they are forward and not touching the side or back of the BBQ Stand and that there is space in between them, if using two. It will allow the air to pass under and around the disposable barbecue which will help it burn more efficiently and stop the base from getting hot.

    4) Never leave ANY disposable barbecue unattended.

    5) Only light the disposable barbecue according to the manufacturer’s instructions DO NOT use petrol or white spirit.

    6) Always keep water nearby.

    7) Always make sure that children and pets are well supervised and kept well away from the disposable BBQ and Disposable Barbecue Balustrade Rack

    8) When you have used a disposable BBQ ensure it has been left long enough to be completely cold before discarding and before reusing the Disposable Barbecue Balustrade Rack

    9) Enjoy yourself, but please remember – you are responsible and in charge of the barbecue.

    10) Should you have any concerns about the Disposable Barbecue Balustrade Rack please contact us BEFORE USE or look at our website for advice at the address below?

    hook'n'cook barbecue with 2 regular disposable trays

    hook'n'cook with 2 trays right hand view

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