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  • Product Description

    The EVO FLEX 1 is a flexible LED strip with a length of one meter.

    • Fitted with 120 LEDs that produce an even beam of light
    • Flexible fixture with a bend radius of around 3 cm
    • IP-68 watertight
    • FLEX DRIVER  Included

    Product Details

    Product Details
    Color White


    Height mm 12
    Length mm 1000
    Width mm 6,5
    Height inch 0.47
    Length inch 39.37
    Width inch 0.24
    Housing PU
    Voltage 12 volt
    Power 6,5W
    Electric potential 9,9VA
    Light source LED
    Burning time 25000
    Lighting direction Downwards
    Lighting reach m 0,5
    Lighting reach ft 0
    Color temperature 3000
    CRI 86
    Net Luminous Flux 229lm
    Luminous Efficacy 35lm/W
    IP-class 68
    Energy label G
    Application Deck, Overhang, Path, Pond, Stair
    Processing Concrete, Natural stone, Wood
    Installation instructions If the EVO FLEX 1 is cut, the fixture can be made watertight using a translucent mini-waterlock (provided). For optimal functioning of the EVO FLEX (1, 2, 3), it is advisable to connect the fixture to a CBL-49 10/2 ground cable of no longer than 40 meters.

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