In-Lite Garden Lighting CC2 Cable Connector

In-Lite Garden Lighting CC2 Cable Connector

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    Cable connector for joining low-voltage cables. Filled with moisture-resistant gel. Maximum load 50 Watt.



    With a CC-2 you can join two cables or create one or more branches. The number of CC-2s is determined by the capacity behind the CC-2. One CC-2 can bear a maximum load of 50 Watt. In other words after one CC-2 a maximum of 50 Watt of fixtures can be used. If the capacity is greater than 50 Watt, then you must place multiple CC-2s in sequence (however this does not need to entail separate branches). For example: if there is 55 Watt behind the CC-2, then you calculate the required number of CC-2s with: 55 / 50 = 1.1. Always round upwards to a whole number (1.1 thus becomes 2), so two CC-2s are needed with this example.

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