Millboard Weathered Embered Deck Boards

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    Imagine your dream garden: fresh, warm flower beds, soft green grass, the warmth of the sun on your brow as you sit at your patio table enjoying a refreshing cool drink. With Millboard, you have the freedom to simply step outside and kick off your sandals when the sun starts shining. Millboard is anti-slip, virtually maintenance-free with no wood content. The beautiful boards are highly resistant to scratches and staining and are available in a wide range of styles and colours. With our 25 year residential warranty, Millboard gives you all the peace of mind you will ever need. Only Millboard is hand crafted and moulded from hand selected prime oak samples, replicating the beautiful qualities of the originals. The textured, resilient top surface is made from Lastane ® providing a virtually maintenance free algae-repellent surface, which greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions.


    • Size 3600mm x 32mm x 200mm
    • 1.36 boards per m2 installed
    • Please note that all Millboard pricing is per board

    Accessories including Durafix Stainless Screws and Touch-Up Paint available separately.

    Pictured below is Millboard Carbonised Embered

    Millboard Carbonised Collection

    Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, where the timber’s surface is burned to create a striking and long-lasting finish, our Carbonised Embered look for a dramatic embered effect.


      Click here to view Carbonised specification sheet

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