Ryno Deck Decking Cradles

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    RynoDeck cradles makes deck building quick, clean and easy, without compromising strength and safety and are used where finished heights need to be kept to a minimum.

    RynoDeck cradles are basic low-height joist supports, ideal for creating balconies and decking on uneven surfaces. RynoDeck cradles are designed for use when floors do not need to be raised above 20mm and shims can be used for small increments.


    • Gardens
    • Roof areas, terraces,
    • balconies, greenroofs
    • Structural podium decks
    • Communal/public areas
    • Walkways/wheelchair access ramps
    • Temporary decking areas
    • Patio overlays/renovations

    This neat little decking joist support cradle has to be the easiest most cost efficient way of fixing a low level deck, even if the ground is good and level you can use the decking cradle shims to correct or create the appropriate angles.


    Unlike traditional timber decking framework, RynoDeck will never rot. It also extends the lifespan of decking boards by keeping them up o the ground, away from moisture. As the cradles have no abrasive edges and are evenly spaced to spread load across the surface below, membranes are protected, extending their lifespan too. It’s win-win with RynoDeck.

    Each pedestal comes with a 10 year guarantee - Do not confuse with cheaper inferior grade supports


    Thanks to the simple design of RynoDeck, creating a level decking surface on an uneven ground couldn’t be easier. Installation is quicker and cleaner than traditional methods. It requires no time-consuming preparation and no special tools or skills. This fast, efficient method also creates a ready-made space for drainage, cables and pipes to run beneath the deck. 

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