Premium Foiled Stair Balustrade (Ramps & Steps Only)

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    Our Super Rail Premium Foiled Stair or Ramp sections use special brackets to allow up to 32° without modification, if you required a steeper angle you may need to modify the brackets. The sections also use our Bottom Rail rectangular profile for both rails (Top & Bottom)

    *Please note if used on shallow ramps/steps gaps will be visible where the pickets enter the rails. 

    Product Details

    • Widths of 1200mm - 1800mm - 2400mm
    • Picket Heights of 695mm or 995mm to give 800/1100mm rail height
    • Stair Brackets

    3 Wood Grained Foil Colours Available

    • Natural Golden Oak
    • Exquisite Dark Green
    • Contemporary Anthracite

      If you want to be different you can also choose from our range of standard colours for a contrasting Picket Colour, just let us know.
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