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    12V dimmer with Human Dimming


    Easily dim your 12V wall, ceiling and pendant lamps? You can with the TOUCH DIMMER. The connected outdoor lighting is dimmable in five settings. The fixtures you connect to the TOUCH DIMMER can be controlled separately from the rest of the garden. You do not need a SMART system for this dimmer. It is also possible to extend up to 4 meters. Read more about this in the installation advice.
    • All 12V wall, ceiling and pendant lamps dimmable
    • Dimming up to three outdoor lights simultaneously
    • No Smart system required
    Installation advice:

    Use SPLITTER or TRIPLE SPLITTER to connect multiple fixtures.

    Installation advice
    To properly use TOUCH DIMMER, place the accessory between the EASY-LOCK and the outdoor light to be dimmed. You easily attach the TOUCH DIMMER to the wall with the back plate and a screw. You then click the TOUCH DIMMER onto the back plate. When the blue light is on, the accessory has been installed correctly.

    Use SPLITTER or TRIPLE SPLITTER to connect multiple fixtures. With a max of 3 fixtures.

    It is possible to extend 4 meters between EASY-LOCK and TOUCH DIMMER and between TOUCH DIMMER and the fixtures.

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