Trex® Protect Joist Tape

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    Extend the life of your joist

    Trex® Protect joist and bearer tape is a self-adhesive butyl tape designed to protect the top of your timber joist or beam. This prevents moisture ingress that can lead to joist rot and loosening deck screws and fasteners.

    Benefits of Trex® Protect joist and beam tape

    • Protects all horizontal and vertical surfaces including joists, rim joists, beams, steps, stair stringers, blocking, ledger board and other surfaces
    • It helps deck screws hold longer and stronger
    • Acts as a barrier between the wood and galvanized metal such as joist hangers
    • Eliminates splitting from freeze and thaw
    • Provides a non-skid surface for safe installation
    • Provides a waterproof barrier under the fascia board

    Trex Protect Joist, Beam and Rim Tape can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Trex Protect tape has three widths making it convenient to use for joists, double beams, rims, and all flat wood surfaces.

    • Use 50mm x 20m Joist Tape for joists
    • Use 100mm x 20m Beam Tape for all double beams
    • Use 279.4mm x 15.24m Rim Tape for rim joists, stairs and all flat-blocked surfaces

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